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Romania elected as member of the Executive Committee of the Programme of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees - New York, April 27, 2005

On 27 of April 2005, during the 2005 ECOSOC resumed organizational session, Romania was elected by acclamations as member of the Executive Committee of the Programme of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Romania is the 68th country member of the Executive Committee and this new position is a further acknowledgement of its commitment to the objectives of the UNHCR.

The Executive Committee functions as a subsidiary organ of the UN General Assembly and its annual report is submitted directly to the General Assembly where it is considered in the Third Committee. The Executive Committee meets in Geneva annually to review and approve UNHCR's programmes and budget, to advise on international protection and visit a wide range of issues with UNHCR and its intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.

The signature of the Romania's EU Accession Treaty - Luxembourg, April 25, 2005

On April 25, 2005 the ceremony of signing of the Romania's EU Accession Treaty took place in Luxembourg on the occasion of the reunion of EU General Affairs and Foreign Affairs Council. The Romanian official delegation to this historical event has been led by Mr. Traian Basescu, President of Romania.

The Accession Treaty was signed by two representatives of each of the 25 EU member states and by four representatives of Romania and four of Bulgaria. The signature of EU Accession Treaty marks the entering into straight line of Romania's EU accession that is to be finalized on the 1st of January 2007.Romania passes from candidate country status to an acceding state status, and it will participate as active observer to the activity of the EU institutions. At the same time, 35 Romanian MPs with observer status are to start their activity at the beginning of the European Parliament's autumn session.

On the occasion of the signing of Romania's Accession Treaty to the European Union, H.E. Mr. Doru Romulus Costea, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Office and Other International Organisations in Geneva, hold the Conference: "The European integration: solutions to the transition from the authoritarian system to democracy and security", at the University of Geneva. The event was organized by the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations Office in Geneva and The European Institute of Geneva University, under the high patronage of Professor André Hurst, Rector of Geneva University. It was attended by some 300 persons (representatives of academia and think tanks, students, friends of Romania).

Romanian Delegation's speech in the Commission on Human Rights - item 11

On the 31st of March 2005 the Romanian Delegation to the Commission on Human Rights presented an intervention (see the text) under the item 11 - "Civil and Political Rights". The main subject of the Romanian intervention focused democracy, as the most comprehensive political framework, in which all human rights can be respected and promoted.
Please find in Statements all the interventions of the Romanian Delegation to the Commission on Human Rights

Romania's participation to the High Level Segment of the Commission on Human Rights - Geneva, March 16, 2005

Romania was represented at the High-level segment of the Commission on Human Rights, by Mrs. Carmen Liliana Burlacu, Director General for OSCE, Council of Europe and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, special envoy to the 61st session who presented, on 16 March 2005, a statement (see the speach ) about various aspects of the legislative and institutional developments in the national system for the protection of human rights.

La fête du " Martisor " dans le Palais des Nations - Geneva, le 1er mars 2005

La Mission Permanente de la Roumanie auprès de l'ONU à Genève a organisé, le 1 mars 2005, sous le haut patronage du S.E. Monsieur Sergei Ordzhonikidze, le Directeur Général de l'Office des Nations Unies à Genève, et en présence du S.E. M. Pierre le Loarer, le directeur du Comité des Activités Culturelles du Palais des Nations et directeur de la Bibliothèque des Nations Unies à Genève, au Palais des Nations, un événement de diplomatie publique lié à la venue du printemps et la célébration de femme: "La Roumanie: Légendes, traditions et coutumes du printemps en mots et en images".

S.E. M. Doru COSTEA, l'Ambassadeur et Représentant Permanent de la Roumanie auprès de l'ONU à Genève, a donné une allocution sur ce sujet, qui a été suivi par le film : " La Roumanie : venir comme touriste et partir comme ami".

A cette occasion a été vernissée l'exposition de peinture Monica Damian Vaupré.

Toutes les dames présentes ont reçu des " martisoare ".

A cet événement ont participé dames-représentantes de la communauté diplomatique accréditée à l'ONU Genève, fonctionnaires internationales, représentantes du média, des milieux des affaires, amies de la Roumanie.

Les deux événements ont été suivis par une réception.

Romania took part in the international emergency relief effort for the affected countries in South-East Asia - Geneva, January 11, 2005

On Tuesday, 11 January 2005, a delegation led by Mr. George Ciamba, State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated, in Geneva, at the OCHA Ministerial Meeting on the Humanitarian Assistance to the Tsunami Affected Communities chaired by Mr. Jan Egeland, the Under-Secretary General for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Ministers and high level representatives from the affected countries as well as from the donor community and representatives of the international organizations involved in the region participated in the Ministerial Meeting.

Mr. George Ciamba, State Secretary and the Head of Romanian Delegation presented the contribution in kind and cash to the relief efforts undergone by the UN System (please see the speach ). He said that Romania answered promptly to the calls for aid that followed the earthquake of the 26th of December. The total amount of the assistance provided to the affected countries will mount to over EUR 340,000. The Government of Romania decided the opening of accounts at the Romanian Commercial Bank in ROL, USD and EURO, for donations from legal persons and individuals.

Between January 21 and 24, the public television in Romania organized a campaign of gathering donations from individuals called "Smile for Asia"; over Euro 91, 000 were collected by noon, January 24. Following phone calls and SMS's at dedicated numbers, over $ 153,000 was collected.

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hails signing of Inter-Sudanese Peace Agreement - Bucharest, January 3, 2005

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania hails the signing, on December 31, 2004, of the last two protocols supporting the comprehensive inter-Sudanese peace agreement. The event confirms the joint commitment of the Government in Khartoum and the Sudanese Popular Liberation Movement (SPLM), assumed before the members of the Security Council – Romania inclusively, gathered in Nairobi, from 18 to 19 November 2004.

During the last year Romania, as elected member of the Security Council, has actively supported, the actions initiated by the Security Council with a view to facilitating the inter-Sudanese peace negotiations taking place in Naivasha (Kenya) under the aegis of the Inter-governmental Authority for Development (IGAD) and the African Union.

The completion of the peace agreement stages an enhanced involvement of the international community in peacekeeping. A significant dimension is represented by the participation of the Multinational Standby force High Readiness Brigade for UN operations in the establishment of the Staff of the new UN Mission in Sudan. Starting January 2005, Romania has taken over the SHIRBRIG chairmanship-in-office.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlines – on a larger extent – the special relevance of the cooperation between Romania, UN and the regional organisations in their efforts to bring stability and support the development of Sudan and other countries in the region.

Starting its second year as member of the main UN body responsible for peace-keeping and international security, Romania expresses its hope that peace settled between the North and the South of the largest African state will represent an opportunity for speeding up the solving of the difficult humanitarian situation in the western Darfur region, a prime concern of the Security Council.

Romanian Government's first phase response to the South and East Asia natural disaster - December 28, 2004

Following the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in the South and East Asia, on December 28, 2004, the Government of Romania dispatched one aircraft containing relief materials (tents, blankets, medical drugs and related items) to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, as humanitarian emergency aid in a first phase emergency response. The total value of the aid material offered on bilateral basis amounts to Euros 32,000, transportation costs not included.

The Government of Romania will continue to offer its support to the victims of the natural disaster by a financial contribution to be offered in the near future for financing the relief operations developed by the international organisations in the South and East Asia region.

Colloquium for Romanian Judges - 15-27 November 2004

A trilateral co-operation project between the Romanian Ministry of Justice, WIPO and the Munich-based European Patent Office was implemented to train the “core-group” of IP Romanian specialized judges. The colloquium included a stage in Geneva, with the WIPO Worldwide Academy, in Bern, with the Swiss Federal Institute of IP, followed by a 5-day training period in Munich, with the German Federal Patent court.

The program focused mainly on the enforcement of IP rights and case law in national and international courts. Romania is setting up her IP specialized courts as a part of the implementation of the reform of the judiciary.

Romania's progress in implementing the provisions of international humanitarian law, November 2004

Romania presented the first national report on the implementation of the provisions of the Amended Protocol II to the Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemd to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects.

The submission as well as other recent national developments were presented by H.R.Ambassador Doru Costea (see the speech) at the Sixth Annual Conference of the States Parties to the Amended Protocol II, which took place in Geneva, on 17 November 2004.

Foreign Minister Mircea Geoana visited Sudan, July 31, 2004

On Saturday, July 31, Foreign Minister Mircea Geoana paid a visit to the Republic of Sudan, in the context of Romania’s holding the presidency of the UN Security Council in July 2004. The agenda of the visit included official talks with the President and vice-President of the Republic, members of the Sudanese government: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Energy and Mines, the Minister for Humanitarian Aid, as well as with the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Sudan.

On the occasion of the meetings, in his capacity as representative of the country that currently holds the helm of the UN Security Council, the head of the Romanian diplomacy reiterated the international community’s support for the Sudanese government with a view to settling the crisis in the region of Darfur and appeasing the effects of the humanitarian crisis in the west of the country. The parties also assessed the accomplishment of the obligations assumed by the Executive in Khartoum under the Common Communiqué adopted on July 3, on the occasion of the visit to Sudan of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

The Security Council held a reunion on the cooperation between the UN and the regional organizations in stabilization processes - New York, July 20, 2004

Romanian Prime Minister, Mr. Adrian Nastase, chaired the SC reunion on the cooperation between the UN and the regional organizations in stabilization processes of 20 July. The thematic debate was initiated by Romania, as president of the SC this month.

UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan and high-ranking officials from regional organizations, among them the EU, NATO, OSCE and others from the African and Asian continent participated at the reunion.

The goal of the reunion was to identify new means for efficient use of resources and efforts of the national, regional and international organizations, in crisis prevention and management. The SC adopted a presidential statement that reflects the unanimous interest of the SC members in consolidating the cooperation between the UN and the regional organizations in peace and security maintenance.

The conclusions of debate will be transmitted to the High Level Expert Group appointed by the Secretary General, which has the mandate to draw up a consolidated study of the UN reform.

Mr. Adrian Severin nominated as Special Rapporteur of the Human Rights Commission on the situation of human rights in Belarus - Geneva, July 9, 2004

On 9 July 2004, the Chairman of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights nominated Mr. Adrian Severin, member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, as Special Rapporteur of the Commission on the situation of human rights in Belarus.

Mr. Severin is already known for his work as Head of the ad-hoc Committee of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for Belarus (1998-1999). He was also deputy Chairman of the Committee for Human Rights of the Council of Europe (1995-1996).

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