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Romania at UNCTAD


Romania is participating in the UNCTAD (link with UNCTAD site: www/http/ activities since this organization was created, in 1964.

On the occasion of the Third Conference of the "Group of the 77", held in Manila in 1976, Romania was accepted as full member of the Group. The acceptance of Romania within the G 77 represented an expression of the good economic and political relations and cooperation relationship it had with other developing countries.

Between 1964 -1989, Romania was the only European central-planned economy enjoying the developing country status. Since 1976 Romania enjoys a "special guest status" within the Latin American and the Caribbean countries' group of the " Group of the 77 ".

Following the dramatic political and economic changes occurred in the Eastern Europe after 1989, Romania was included, together with other transition economies in UNCTAD Group D, in accordance with the UN general classification of Member countries.


Participation in UNCTAD activities:

During its more than 35 years membership, Romania was an active participant in the majority UNCTAD activities. Among Romania's important contribution, in this period of time, are to be mentioned: participation in drafting process and adoption of resolutions on fight against protectionism, improvement of the Generalized System of Preferences, external debt of the developing countries, developing countries access to the international financing, technology transfer and economic cooperation promotion.

Romania took part in all UNCTAD Conferences, from "UNCTAD I", held in Geneva in 1964, to "UNCTAD X" which took place in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2000.

In 1978 Romania adhered to the "Protocol on Trade Negotiations between Developing Countries" known as " The Protocol of 16 " concluded under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1947 (GATT 1947) aegis.

Romania is also benefiting of the GSP Schemes of 6 developing countries (under which these countries are granting tariff preferences for a number of goods exported by Romania).

Romania was a supporter and an active participant in the negotiations of the Global System of Preferences between Developing Countries (GSTP Protocol) concluded in 1989 in Belgrade among 48 developing countries. Consequently, Romania participated together with other GSTP Participant countries in the negotiating process of the Second Round of GSTP negotiations concluded in December 1998.