Teodora Enache


Winner of the 1993 Sibiu International Jazz Festival, Theodora Enache switched from mathematics (graduated with honors in 1991) to a successful career in jazz.


Between 1993 and 2002 she performed in numerous jazz concerts and festivals in Romania, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and the USA, playing with international stars Philippe Duchemin, Nicolas Montier, Johnny Raducanu , Johny Korrossy, Guido Manussardi, Eric Legnini, and Valentin Radu.


Her record credits include several CD's under her own name:

        "Radacini", 2002; Mediaround, SUA;

        "Jazz made in Romania", 2002; Mediaround., California, SUA;

        " On the Sunny Side of My Street", 2001, iQuest, Romania

        "Meaning of Blue" - 2000 iQuest;Romania

        "Jazz Behind the Carpathians: Johnny Raducanu meets Theodora Enache" 1999Green Records, Romania

        "X-treme"- 1998 Zone Records , Romania "Ballad of the Sensitive Plant" 1997 Alpha Sound Production, Romania.